CaixaForum Madrid

Operated by the Spanish bank la Caixa, CaixaForum Madrid is a modern art gallery and socio-cultural center situated on Paseo del Prado, next to the city’s Golden Triangle of Art, which comprises the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the Reina Sofia Museum.

It is housed in the former Mediodía Electric Power Station, a modernist industrial building designed in 1899 by Jesús Carrasco.

Art Gallery in Madrid

Following a spectacular restoration, the structure is now five times larger and features a striking contemporary design signed by award-winning Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. Nevertheless, due to the great architectural importance, the construction’s original façades have been conserved as part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Impressive staircase design

CaixaForum Madrid comprises over 2,500 square meters dedicated to exhibition halls, a grand auditorium with a capacity of 310 seats, two media rooms, and an elegant spacious lobby. Additionally, there are various multipurpose rooms, where activities such as family workshops, social events, and educational programs take place throughout the year.

In terms of visitors’ facilities, the museum comes complete with a bookstore, a gift shop, a nice cafe, and a restaurant.

CaixaForum Madrid

One of the most recognizable features of CaixaForum Madrid is the outstanding vertical garden created by the French botanist Patrick Blanc on a wall outside the building. The impressive carpet of flowers consists of 15,000 plants from nearly 250 species.

In a few words, CaixaForum Madrid is a cutting-edge art gallery and cultural center in the Spanish capital, yet a remarkable tribute to the city’s architectural legacy.

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