The pleasant climate, the elaborate network of campsites, and the idyllic landscapes make Spain one of the most sought-after camping destinations in Europe.

Whether you’re traveling on a limited budget, looking to experience the country beyond the hustle and bustle of its major tourist spots, or just want to reconnect with nature, Spain offers an excellent variety of camping opportunities that range from basic and naturist campsites to luxurious camping resorts appointed with all modern facilities. So whatever your interests are, there will always be an option for you out there.

You can explore the country’s most remote places, soak up the sunshine on its glorious coasts, discover its mountains, or travel around its splendid cities, and thankfully you can achieve all these with a tent in your backpack.

Camping Destinations

There are thousands of campsites spread throughout Spain, both inland as well as along its sunny coasts, and most of them provide some excellent experiences and a wealthy range of adventure activities.

Due to the wonderful climate and breathtaking scenery, the south of Spain is particularly attractive and plays host to some of the best camping spots in the country. You can choose between the beaches of Costa del Sol or Costa Tropical, the clifftops of Sierra Nevada, and the outskirts of Granada and Seville.

The north offers some spectacular landscapes, which makes it ideal for camping. Some popular destinations here include the scenic Picos de Europa and the unspoiled coast of Cantabria.

Barcelona, Costa Brava, and Costa Dorada are some excellent options as well, offering a variety of camping sites and plenty of hiking and climbing opportunities.

Equally appealing, the community of Madrid, with its picturesque sierras and historical sites, provides countless options for a fantastic camping holiday.

Camping Information

Campsites in Spain can be free, paid, naturist (exclusively for nudists), family-friendly, or adult only. Wild camping can be practiced in some areas, but it’s not recommended unless you are completely aware of the local regulations. Most of the campsites throughout the country are divided into 3 categories, ranging from grounds that only have essential facilities such as toilets and showers to superior camping resorts where guests can benefit of all the facilities of a quality hotel. Prices vary depending on location and the facilities offered, but even so, this way of traveling remains one of the most affordable and exciting vacation types in Spain.

The best times of the year to go camping in Spain are spring and autumn, but thanks to the variety of climate zones, in some areas across the country such as Costa del Sol or the islands, this activity is possible throughout the year.