El Miguelete

One of Valencia’s most iconic monuments, the Torre del Miguelete, also known as Torre del Micalet (in Valencian), or simply El Miguelete, stands right beside the majestic Valencia Cathedral, in the heart of the city’s historic center.

El Miguelete
Photo by Arturo Lopez Castel

The Gothic-style octagonal bell tower was built between the 14th and 15th centuries, and, together with its more recent belfry, it rises 63 meters above the ground, providing spectacular views over the city of Valencia and even the sea beyond. For this, visitors have to climb the internal spiral staircase with its 207 steps.

Although the architecture of El Miguelete is mainly Gothic, certain Romanesque and Baroque elements can be observed in its impressive design carried out during various periods.

Valencia’s most emblematic tower is not the work of one single author. Many architects, including Andreu Julia, Jose Franch, and Pere Balaguer (architect of Torres de Serranos), have contributed to the construction of this artistic and historical monument that today dominates the skyline of Valencia.

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