Spain prides itself with one of the finest and most varied nightlife scenes in Europe – the movida (or La Marcha). From the world-famous clubs of Ibiza – the continent’s party capital – to Madrid’s sassy, never-ending nights, the kingdom welcomes revelers with a myriad of entertaining opportunities.

Spain is known all over the world for its festive vibe and spirited locals, but when darkness falls the atmosphere becomes downright explosive. A typical Spanish night out usually starts with a tapas crawl around the local bars, and continues with bar-hopping and parties until the early hours of the morning.

In the country’s major cities, all streets, plazas, and bars are jam-packed with enthusiastic crowds, especially in the weekends or during the hot summer months when nobody’s willing to spend time inside. Options are incredibly varied in order to suit any mood, musical taste, age, and budget out there.

Ibiza’s clubbing scene is second to none, Madrid’s variety of party venues makes it a paradise for nightlife lovers, and Barcelona’s party scene is as spectacular as the city itself. In addition to all these, travelers should know that nightlife is part of the Spanish culture and it happens all over the country.

During summer, the Mediterranean coasts of Spain attract roisterers from all over Europe with a delightful mix of lively pubs, posh clubs, and fashionable beach party venues. For an exquisite experience, however, beautiful people head to the upscale resort of Marbella to enjoy the sophisticated lounges and glamorous clubs dotted around Puerto Banus and the Golden Mile. Malaga, the city with more bars per square meter than anywhere else in Europe, is also an excellent option for those looking to experience the Spanish nightlife at its finest.

Other top party cities in Spain include: Granada with its exhilarating student vibe and wealthy variety of bars and clubs; Valencia, famous for its bohemian hangouts; Seville, the city that combines with so much elegance its time-honored flamenco traditions with a modern party scene; Bilbao – an up-and-coming nightlife hotspot with an abundance of funky bars, clubs, and atmospheric cafes; and Palma de Mallorca – the classiest Spanish party destination.

Partygoers in Spain should be aware that most bars won’t fill up until midnight, and they usually stay open until the break of dawn.