Plaza Redonda

Also called El Clot (the hole) or Placa Redona, Plaza Redonda is a round square in Valencia and a pretty atmospheric venue for those looking to discover the city’s true character.

Plaza Redonda

Built in the 19th century by Salvador Escrig Melchor, the plaza was especially designed for fish and meat commercialization. It is a perfectly round area surrounded by three-story Valencian buildings. The first floor consists of all kinds of shops selling Valencian ceramics, lace, embroidery, clothing, souvenirs, accessories, and other typical items.

Overall, this is neither the most famous attraction in town, nor the most spectacular plaza, but it’s an emblematic place for the locals and an excellent opportunity for travelers to relax, buy some souvenirs, and to get a true taste of Valencia.

On Sundays, the round plaza becomes a lively open-air market overflowing with music, local performers, and ambulant vendors selling birds, books, local crafts, and many other bric-a-bracs.

The quaint Plaza Redonda is located in the charming Barrio del Carmen, not far from Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the famous Mercado Central. Another top attraction in the area is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Lonja.

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