Corral de la Pacheca

Established in 1971, in a former comedy theatre on the Juan Ramon Jimenez street (Chamartín district), El Corral de la Pacheca is not only a delightful, authentic experience in Madrid, but also the largest flamenco tablao in the world, with an area that exceeds 1500 square meters.

Flamenco Tablao Madrid

It takes its name from the former use of the building as the Teatro de la Pacheca, and features a wonderful Castilian architecture with traditional decors and antique charm, making for a truly unique night out in Madrid. The delightful experience, which is both cultural as well as culinary, pairs flamboyant flamenco shows with 5-star dining.

Often regarded as the most prestigious flamenco tablao in Spain, Corral de la Pacheca stands out for being the place where some of Spain’s most talented flamenco singers and dancers have performed over the years, and where most of them still perform today.

Big names such as Rocío Jurado, Jose Mercé, Isabel Pantoja, Camarón, Rafael Farina, Lola Flores, Manolo Escobar, or Camarón de la Isla have been applauded one by one on the prestigious stage of Corral de la Pacheca.

Nowadays, the magic of flamenco is kept alive with the extraordinary interpretations of other notable artists such as Guadiana o Saúl Quirós (singer), Jesús del Rosario José Romero (guitarist), Fernando Rico (violonist), Lucky Losada (percussionist), and amazing dancers like Pepe Flores, Pablo Fraile, Raúl Ortega, or Susi Parra.

The club’s exquisite ambience along with its high-quality Spanish food and the passion and drama of the tremendous live shows held here each evening, make Corral de la Pacheca an absolute must when visiting Madrid, whether you’re a flamenco aficionado, someone who wants to go deeper into the fascinating Spanish culture, or just a traveler in search of a night out with a difference.

Update: some of our readers have reported that this place is now closed!

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