Mercado Central

A major tourist attraction in Valencia, Mercado Central (Mercat Central in Valencian) is a unique place in many ways.

Known as one of the largest and oldest European markets, this wonderful piece of Art Nouveau architecture was designed by Catalan architects Alexandre Soler i March and Francesc Guàrdia i Vial between 1910 and 1928, when it was finally open to public.

In 1996, it became the first market in the world to have computerized sales and to provide home delivery services.

Mercado Central
Photo by Arturo Lopez Castel

Divided in two main areas – the 1400-sqm fish market and other 6,760 square meters dedicated to all sorts of goods, Valencia’s Mercado Central stands out for the high quality of its products and for offering tourists and locals alike a fantastic shopping experience.

Central Market in Valencia
Photo via e&a

Almost 1000 carefully arranged food stalls, basked in the natural light that pours in through the building’s glorious stained glass windows, lure visitors six days a week (Monday to Saturday) with their garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly-caught seafood, colorful spices, and exclusive cured meats.

The historic Mercado Central is the ideal place to buy the finest local delicacies, but also a great place to wander around, admire the distinguished architecture, and get a snapshot of daily life in Spain’s third largest city.

The market is located just opposite the UNESCO-listed Lonja de la Seda (Silk Market), in the historic center of Valencia.

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