Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca

Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca, also known as Placa del Patriarca, is a beautiful historic square in La Xerea neighborhood of Valencia Old Town. It’s a wonderful place to shop, have a coffee, and admire the architecture, which, unsurprisingly for a Spanish city, is a striking mix of old and new.

Almost quadrangular in shape, this quaint pedestrian area is surrounded by some of the city’s most evocative buildings, including the imposing Real Colegio Seminario del Corpus Christi, also known as Colegio del Patriarca, and La Nau – a lovely Renaissance structure that played host to the 16th century Universidad Literaria, now an exhibition center of the University of Valencia.

Plaza del Patriarca
Photo by Arturo Lopez Castel

In Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca you can also find a fine range of high-end shopping boutiques, and La Terraza del Patriarca – a modern gastronomic restaurant devoted to Spanish and Valencian cuisine.

Nearby can be found the Museo Nacional de Ceramica and Calle Poeta Querol, also known as Valencia’s Golden Mile, due to its great concentration of luxury brands.

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