Museu del Perfum

A charming little museum in Barcelona, Museu del Perfum displays a wonderful collection of essence bottles and other related items from various cultures and periods.

Museu del Perfum Barcelona

Established in 1961, the museum traces the history of perfume through the decades, with a selection of almost 5000 perfumes and fragrances dating from ancient Egypt to modern days.

Among its notable holdings, visitors have the chance to discover some really impressive China perfume bottles from the 18th and 19th centuries; lovely examples of Greek pottery; Roman and Punic glass; Arabic recipients; as well as a wonderful array of essence jars made of precious materials such as crystal and porcelain.

Another interesting part of Barcelona’s Perfume Museum is the spectacular exhibition of industrialized perfumery, where can be found a series of unique items, including “Le Roi Soleil” – a scent bottle designed by Catalan surrealist painter Salvador Dali, and a very special perfume box that belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

Museu del Perfum
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The Museu del Perfum is centrally located on Passeig de Gracia No. 39, within the Perfumeria Regia – one of the longest standing perfumeries in Barcelona.

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