La Terraza del Patriarca

Situated in Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca, a quaint historic square in Valencia Old Town, La Terraza del Patriarca is an innovative gourmet restaurant serving mouthwatering Spanish and Valencian specialties.

Terraza del Patriarca

With a lovely eclectic design inspired by the city’s cosmopolitan character, the restaurant offers three distinct areas, each with a different mood: the Restaurant, the Terrace, and a special zone dedicated to various events, presentations, and exclusive dining experiences.

Ideal for any time of the day, the Restaurant features a stylish, atmospheric interior from which guests can enjoy wonderful views through a glass wall overlooking the square and the eye-catching surrounding buildings.

Restaurant in Valencia Old Town

While the bar is an excellent spot to indulge in all sorts of signature tapa-inspired dishes, mini-pizzas, and other creative fare, the tables are reserved for longer stays and more elaborate cooked dishes.

Tapas Bar in Valencia

Enfolded by inspiring architecture, the Terrace makes each daytime meal and evening cocktail a wonderful experience. And speaking of cocktails, La Terraza del Patriarca’s wide-ranging list offers everything from creative specialties to the good old classics.

As mentioned above, E Reservado is an elegant space with its own entrance, designed for special occasions.

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