Valencia Cathedral

Built in the 13th century on the site of a former Visigothic cathedral which later was converted into a mosque, the impressive Valencia Cathedral combines a number of architectural styles, including early Romanesque, Renaissance (the chapels), Baroque (main entrance), Neoclassical, and the striking Gothic style, which dominates the entire construction.

Also known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the Roman Catholic parish church stands in the heart of the old city center, on Plaza de la Reina, as one of Valencia’s top sights and a major cultural landmark.

Valencia Cathedral

In addition to its unusual architecture, which never fails to amaze the visitors, the remarkable cathedral is famous worldwide for hosting one of the many supposed Holy Chalices. According to many Christian historians who spend their lives studying them, the one in Valencia Cathedral seems to be the authentic Holy Grail. Commonly known as Santo Caliz, this intriguing artifact can be admired in Capilla del Santo Caliz, inside the cathedral.

Other must-see attractions comprise La Miguelete – an octagonal 207-steps tower featuring spectacular views over the city; the Cathedral Museum, where lies a rich collection of paintings, vestments, and statues; Goya’s beautiful frescoes in the Capilla de San Francisco de Borja; as well as the exquisitely decorated Puerta de los Apostoles.

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