Casa Gispert

Situated in the heart of Barcelona, near the church of Santa Maria del Mar, Casa Gispert is a delightful traditional shop selling all kinds of spices, chocolates, nuts, and organic products.

The store, which has been around for more than 160 years, still preserves its old world charm and original decors, offering visitors an authentic shopping experience and a sweet taste of nostalgia.

Casa Gispert

Opened in 1851 by Doctor Josep Gispert, the warehouse was designed to store overseas products such as tea, cocoa, coffee, and spices from the Americas, and to commercialize them under SABOR brand. Later on, the shop changed its name to E&A Casa Gispert Roasting Masters, the two initials coming from the owner’s two sons, Enrique and Alfons.

Thanks to its high quality products, Casa Gispert has been recognized as one of Europe’s 10 best food artisans, and awarded by Les Gourmands Associés with the prestigious Coq d’Or prize (Paris, 1999).

Nowadays, both the excellent quality of the merchandise as well as the charming bygone-era atmosphere remain untouched by time.

Dried fruits and nuts

After many years of specializing in roasting coffee and nuts, Casa Gispert has developed and diversified, providing a selection of unique local goods such as exquisite dried fruits, superior oils and vinegars, exceptional chocolates, Catalan wines, and aromatic herbs.

Other products that can be found in the store include natural jams, honeys and marmalades, a variety of organic sauces, and the delicious fresh-roasted nuts, which have remained a sort of company icon.

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